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At Blue Sage Services, we value the safety of our employees, as well as everyone else on site! The company implements strict training practices to ensure we are in compliance with OSHA Standards. Believing that substance-free employees provide the best service, Blue Sage Services institutes drug testing in all phases of employment.    


Our employees are Well Trained and hold Certifications for:


  • Hot Work – Permits provided on all appropriate job sites

  • Confined Space – Permit as well as Non-Permit

  • H2S Environments – We provide monitors and training certifications to all employees.

  • Forklift Certifications – Our employees are trained and certified.

  • CPR/First Aid – Our goal is to avoid accidents; but, our employees are ready to provide response if needed.

  • Safeland – We are a member of the Safeland Training Group.

  • SPCC – Inspection, Planning, and Implementation.



As a member of ISNetworld, Blue Sage Services maintains an excellent rating with all of our clients. We have full-time dedicated staff members to keep our employees up-to-date on the newest safety practices. We also participate in voluntary safety stand-downs at the request of OSHA.


In addition, Blue Sage Services has the capability to bond for municipal and government projects to meet the needs of our clients.

When it comes to Safety, Blue Sage Services is the name you can Trust!

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